Prestige Rental Mats offer a complete mat rental service by providing companies with a choice of quality functional mats which will keep premises clean and looking great. Prestige’s mat rental service regularly replaces soiled mats with freshly laundered ones.

Mats are a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping unwanted dust at bay, whilst welcoming visitors in an attractive and professional manner. With many mats available to service varying work situations, there’s sure to be a Prestige rental mat to suit the style and layout of your office, shop front or factory.

Our strong dedication to customer service assures you of a reliable rental service without large upfront costs. You don’t purchase the mats, you simply pay a small maintenance cost for your newly cleaned and replaced mats on a weekly basis.

Click here to read the advantages of rental versus purchased mats. A rental mat is always more superior than a purchased mat and Prestige Rental Mats is here to service your work place.



  • Reduced cleaning costs as 80% of the dirt brought into a building is trapped by the mats.
  • No capital outlay in purchasing new mats
  • No repair or replacement costs
  • No internal handling by staff


  • Mats prevent tired feet at work areas
  • Unstressed employees improve moral and productivity
  • Mats will insulate against cold floors


  • Clean and dry floors provide a safe work area
  • Mats are slip resistant
  • Mats will control spillage by absorbing moisture
  • Safety message mats provide safety reminders
  • Mats will dissipate static electricty


  • Modern, attractive mat colours will compliment work area
  • Custom logo mats enhance company image
  • Regular exchanges and laundering keep mats looking and performing better

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