Prestige Rental Mats offer a complete mat rental service by providing companies with a choice of quality functional mats which will keep premises clean and looking great. Prestige’s mat rental service regularly replaces soiled mats with freshly laundered ones.

Mats are a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping unwanted dust at bay, whilst welcoming visitors in an attractive and professional manner. With many mats available to service varying work situations. There’s sure to be a Prestige rental mat to suit the style and layout of your office or shop front.

Our strong dedication to customer service assures you of a reliable rental service without large upfront costs. You don’t purchase the mats, you simply pay a small maintenance cost for your newly cleaned and replaced mats on a weekly basis.

Click here to read the advantages of rental versus purchased mats. A rental mat is always more superior to a purchased mat and Prestige Rental Mats is here to service your workplace.

Floor mats are necessary for every small and large business. Not only do they make your building look professional. Also, it helps prevent a slip-and-fall accident while keeping your floors clean and dry.

Prestige Rental Mats: What We Offer?

Here at prestige, we know how significant floor mats are for your business. Our commercial mat rental service can help avoid safety risks and upgrade your business’s image. We provide durable, high-quality floor mat rental service for restaurants, businesses, facilities, hotels, and many more. Besides, we offer a wide selection of floor mat rental services with a variety of uses. Our selection includes nylon dust control mat, safety message mats, logo mats, rubber anti-fatigue mat, absorbent scraper mats. Prestige commercial mat rentals service offers special sizes to make sure your mats suit your business-specific needs.

1. Logo Mats

Here at Prestige, our rental mats are manufactured on modern digital printers. Our logo mat rentals are made with an ideal combination of impressive appearance and high-performing durability. So, it’s best for any building’s entrance. Also, inside your facility where you want to promote your company name and build your brand identity.  As a result, it will increase brand recognition.

We can make your company stand out. Our logo mat rentals can impress your customers with a beautiful business floor mat with your logo. We can take any logo design and color scheme. As a result, it will turn into an entrance floor mat you’ll be proud to show off. Above all, it serves a practical purpose to keep the dirt and moisture out of your establishment.

2. Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats

Prestige rubber anti-fatigue mat rentals may be the most durable and versatile mat on the market. It is formed of 100% rubber for superior grease and oil resistance. It makes them perfect at restaurants. Our rubber anti-fatigue mat rentals are anti-microbial treated to guard against degradation from microorganisms. Also, it makes standing in kitchens, behind bars, and workstations for long hours comfortable.

3. Safety Message Mats

We provide both stylish message rental mats and functionality by protecting floors and keeping a clean and fresh appearance. It is best to use in hospitals, restaurants, doctor’s offices, boutiques, warehouses, and more. Our safety message mats rental are designed to prevent dangerous and costly accidents. We keep your employees and customers as safe as possible.

4. Absorbent Scraper Mats

This kind of rental mat will give you peace of mind knowing customers and staff won’t track snow and dirt. It captures 3x more dirt and debris than a standard scraper mat with Prestige absorbent scraper mats. Its active blades scraper moisture and debris off of shoes with each step, keeping your facility ready for any weather. It can work great in kitchens, manufacturing areas, and auto repairs because of the chemical resistance.

5. Dust Control Mat

Dust control rental mat’s purpose is to trap dust and dirt. It is usually placed at the main entrance of offices, restaurants and so on. Also, it will trap dust from all footwear before anyone steps into your premises. We can make sure your office will always have clean mats.

Prestige commercial mat rental service is here to help you with all your mat needs today! Our floor mat rental service improves employee and guest comfort. No other company offers the variety, flexibility, and convenience that our commercial mat rental service brings to your business. Therefore, you can trust that Prestige will bring you the best of what we can give. Also, the best kind of support you can get from our mat rental service.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Mat Rental Service   

Our mat rental service includes picks up and replaces them with fresh, hygienically clean mats regularly. As a result, you get a high-quality product without the hassle of purchasing them.

1. No upfront capital but only monthly service fee.

2. Lessen cleaning cost and hassles

3. Mat rental service is customized to meet the client’s needs as well as their budget.

4. Customer service is one of our priorities

5. Lastly, leave a good impression on your visitors.

Our commercial mat rental service requires no upfront costs. So, you can save money from the start. We will maintain the cleanliness of your facility while you can save money by protecting your floors. With a reliable floor mat rental from prestige, you can rest assured knowing your business is safe and clean without even lifting a finger. Besides, our rental mats lessen the risk of accidents in wet areas. Also, at Prestige commercial mat rental service, you will have peace of mind knowing that your employees and customers won’t slip.

So, let Prestige floor mat rental service deliver a highly positive physical image of your facility to everyone that enters and leaves. Contact us now!

Learn more the advantage of our rental mat service



  • Reduced cleaning costs as 80% of the dirt brought into a building is trapped by the mats.
  • No capital outlay in purchasing new mats
  • No repair or replacement costs
  • No internal handling by staff


  • Mats prevent tired feet at work areas
  • Unstressed employees improve moral and productivity
  • Mats will insulate against cold floors


  • Clean and dry floors provide a safe work area
  • Mats are slip resistant
  • Mats will control spillage by absorbing moisture
  • Safety message mats provide safety reminders
  • Mats will dissipate static electricty


  • Modern, attractive mat colours will compliment work area
  • Custom logo mats enhance company image
  • Regular exchanges and laundering keep mats looking and performing better

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