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Safety Message Mats

Keep your employees safe and following procedure with clear high-quality safety message mats across your workplace.

If you run a company that values productivity, safety and efficiency at work, then Prestige Rental Mats’ safety mats are the ideal solution.

SafeWork Australia recognises that mats are a control measure to prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Having nylon dust control matting printed with safety messages can therefore go a long way to reducing the risk of expensive and preventable workplace accidents.

Clear messaging and timely reminders of work & health and safety procedure along the passageways of your workspace keeps your employees focused on doing their jobs at every stage – with safety at the forefront of their mind.

Saftey Message Mats

Safety Message Mat

Safety Message Mats

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Safety Message Mat2

Safety Message Mat

Safety Message Mat

At Workshop

Use commercial safety message mats, to foster a culture of care, wellbeing and occupational health

At Prestige Rental Mats, we know that robust, clean and crystal clear messaging plays a key role in facilitating a culture that values safety and productivity.

Safety message mats, therefore, are an excellent control measure to reduce the risk of various hazards at work – whether your workplace is an office, a warehouse or another facility.

Your staff are your most important resource. Make them your top priority. Keep them safe – and ensure they get to home safely to their families at the end of the day.

High-quality safety mats are an effective way to make that happen.

Why have safety message mats?

Safety message mats play multiple roles.

  1. They can effectively provide notices and warnings to staff making sure they follow the correct procedure. This can include messages like ‘Slippery when wet’, ‘Safety Starts Here’, ‘Bend Knees When Lifting’, ‘Watch Your Step’ or ‘Stop Think Safety’.
  2. Mats can have symbols on them, whether that be a person bending properly (informing employee of the correct posture) or a fire extinguisher(prompting people to be aware of where extinguishers are located).
  3. Safety message mats are non-slip, and effective at capturing grime, dirt and other unwanted substances.

Should I buy my message mats or rent them?

Renting your safety mats is a much more economical and practical alternative to buying them. That’s because, if you rent from Prestige Rental Mats:

  • You won’t have to pay a hefty price up front
  • All your mats are regularly cleaned and maintained for you
  • A professional team will attend your workplace regularly to pick up and replace your message mats (ensuring they are always clean)
  • You can get advice from experts who know what the best mat is for you

Who do you supply mats to?

We supply safety mats to businesses across Melbourne. This includes every type of workplace from small offices, community centres and schools to large-scale industrial facilities and skyscrapers.

How large are your Safety Message Mats?

Our safety message mats are available in the following sizes:

  • 5 x 3      85 x 145cm

What other mats do you offer?

Prestige also stock:

  • anti-fatigue mats
  • entry scraper mats
  • logo mats
  • dust control mats.

Any further questions?

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