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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about rental mats and the services we provide here at Prestige Rental Mats.

We are a family owned, Australian, commercial and industrial floor mat company, in Melbourne. Businesses who need floor mats, but don’t want the burden of cleaning and maintaining them, approach us to rent high-quality floor mats.  We then supply these mats on a regular basis and handle their regular upkeep, cleaning and maintenance to ensure they always do their job properly.

We serve all businesses across Melbourne. This can include any kind of business, whether that be an industrial warehouse, a retail spaces, a large office complex or a smaller office building.

We supply a variety of commercial floor mats such as:

Great question. In fact, that’s such a great question that we have an entire page dedicated to answering it.

Once you’ve told us about your business, and exactly what you require, we’ll give you tailored advice on what the best outcome is for you. This will typically include:

  • Provision of weekly, fortnightly or monthly mats to your company premises
  • Collection and replacement of your mats
  • Regular cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of your mats
  • Ongoing advice about the best mats to use in various aspects of your business

Having professionally cleaned mats by Prestige will go a very long way to:

  • extending the life of your fixed floor coverings;
  • enhancing the appearance of your premises, by providing cleaner floors; 
  • improving customer and staff safety by reducing the risk of slipping on wet floors whilst reducing cleaning time and costs.

A mat rental service will save you money by reducing the risk of floor maintenance costs, wear and tear on existing carpets and tiled areas and also the risk of injury and workers compensation claims.

Prestige Rental Mats use the very best in industrial cleaning processes to ensure that you are provided with a professionally cleaned mat that looks great and performs to its optimal standard.

Remember – simple vacuuming mats that you’ve purchased only removes a mere 30% of the dirt, dust and grit on your carpets. Clean mats are more effective at trapping dirt (wet or dry) than other forms of floor protection.

Renting mats provides an advantage because you’ll have professionals by your side to ensure the mats are working to their optimal standard.

Not at all. Your rental mat service eliminates the need for any upfront investment.

You don’t purchase the mats. You simply pay a small maintenance fee.

We’re a family-owned specialist mat rental company – and that is all we do. We do not dabble in various other ventures. Mats are our main focus – they aren’t an “add-on” to our business.

You, the customer, can reap the benefits of our quality products, reliable service, competitive pricing and our personalised service, which we give to each and every one of our clients.

Our strong dedication to our customers, assures you of a reliable and hassle-free service.

We’re a family-run local business and treat our customers like friends. You aren’t just a number to us. We provide quick, tailored answers and not stock-standard corporate responses.

Our smaller size means we are agile and can get the job done a lot quicker and more efficiently without red tape.

Unlike our competitors, we’re also a lot more flexible with our service. As your needs change, you can reduce the number of mats you have at any time with no charge.

No. Our quality of service and our professionalism is backed by the fact that you are not bound by any lock-in or long-term contracts. (Just a simple service agreement for everyone’s piece of mind).

Please note, however, that we do require you enter into a two-year contract for certain customised mats, e.g. a mat with your logo on it.

Absolutely! Why not take advantage of our free no obligation two week trial? Just call Prestige Rental Mats on 1300 308 178 and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Yep! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with everything floor mats!

Of course. Depending on what your contact says, you can take advantage of our two-week trial to see if our mats are suitable for your company. There won’t be any obligation after that to go with us.

You could also transition to our service by lowering the number of mats you have from your current provider and use us to supply the balance. You could make the complete switch to Prestige when your contract expires. This, of course, all depends on the term of the contract you have.

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