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Anti Fatigue Mats

Prestige Rental Mats supply high-quality and durable purpose-designed anti-fatigue mats for businesses across Melbourne.

These mats are specifically designed to make sure you and your employees are safe, productive and comfortable when working day-to-day at your workplace.

Standing on your feet each and every day can take a significant toll on your body, without the right support.

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The anti-fatigue mats that enhance productivity at work no matter the environment

Crafted from strong, sturdy nitrile rubber material, our mats are manufactured to offer both support and comfort to reduce the risk of your workers from experiencing fatigue from standing for long periods.

Reduce swelling

Our anti-fatigue mats help workers improve their health by mitigating risks of swelling, back pain and spider veins.

Boost circulation

High-quality anti-fatigue mats can help circulate blood across the body and reduce the risk of clotting or Deep Vein Thrombosis

Support heavy foot traffic

Ideal if you run a busy warehouse or any area where employees are frequently standing and walking.

Help prevent slip & falls

These durable mats provide non-slip surfaces and smooth edges to reduce the common risk of trips, slips and falls.

Kitchen solution

Anti-fatigue mats are the ideal solution for busy commercial kitchens. The holes in the mats, funnel away spilled liquids while providing non-slip support for tired legs.

The anti-fatigue mat inventory

Anti-fatigue mats are available in 5′ x 3′ (85 x 140cm), 6′ x 4′ (120 x 170cm) and 10′ x 3′ (85 x 270cm) sizes.

We rent industrial fatigue mats to all businesses across Melbourne

The team at Prestige Rental Mats provide excellent personalised service to Melbourne businesses, ranging from offices and restaurants to hospitals, warehouses and schools.

If you’re looking to provide staff with visibility, support and comfort so they can get the job done effectively with both focus and dedication, our choices of anti fatigue mats are your go-to solution.

Browse our range here on our website, or you can give us a call on 1300 308 178 for tailored advice and recommendations for your specific business and workplace environment.

Why rent mats and not buy?

Renting your anti-fatigue is a much more commercially viable solution than outright buying them. This is because:

  • You’ll reduce your in-house costs. Minimise your cleaning costs and your repair costs by having another service do it for you.
  • You’ll allow your staff to focus on your core business. Your staff won’t need to wash, handle and maintain the mats on their own when engaging Prestige Rental Mats.
  • You’ll get on-demand matting experts at your fingertips. Through outsourcing your fatigue mats’ maintenance to an expert, you can reach out to us at any time and we’ll ensure your mats always do their job right.

Learn more here: Why rent?


They’re mats designed to reduce the risk of fatigue caused by standing for a long time on an otherwise hard surface, such as cement or ceramic tiles. They’re usually made from softer material like rubber or nitrile vinyl.

The material in anti-fatigue mats promote small levels of movement inside your leg’s muscles. This helps to energise your blood flow, keep your heart moving and allow you to continue working without feeling so uncomfortable.

The best mat will depend on the type of workplace you own. You’ll want to get mats that are suitable for your environment’s foot traffic and that minimise the risk of slipping and tripping

We may be slightly biased, but you can rent some of the highest quality fatigue mats on the market right here at Prestige Rental Mats.

If you have your own fatigue mats, they will certainly need to be be replaced on a regular basis. The benefit of renting a fatigue mat means you won’t have to worry about this. We swap your mats on a scheduled basis (which can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and have hundreds of mats in rotation at a time – so the mats will always look new.

No. If you’re looking to rent anti-fatigue mats from us, we won’t make you sign a regular lock-in contract at all. You can reduce the levels of mats you have any time and can also leave us any time.

We offer a free two-week trial to see if our mats are suitable for you without any obligations whatsoever.

If you don’t like us, we can part ways. If you do, let’s continue making your workplace safe and productive!


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