We don’t just supply mats

We give business the key to exceptional quality and service.

Prestige Rental Mats isn’t just any specialist rental mat company

We’re in the business of creating business systems that foster a culture of safety and productivity through the supply of finely crafted and robustly built rental mats.


For almost 20 years, we have been providing businesses across Melbourne with an exceptional mat rental experience.

Just picture it.

You’re running a busy company. Everything seems to be going fine.

When all of a sudden your employees and loyal customers start slipping on liquid and your workplace gets overwhelmed by dirt and grime.

You’re trying to create a safe, clean and productive workplace to the best of your ability.

But things just keep getting in the way.

Maybe you have workers standing on hard concrete floors.

You get your hands on not just any mat, but a Prestige rental mat, and place it in high traffic areas across your business premises.

 Those mats absorb the water. They collect the dust. They stop the spread of grime.


  • Employees are working more effectively and safer than ever before.
  • Visitors are having a positive experience on your premises.
  • Your premises are clean, fresh and compliant with WHS regulations.
  • Your workplace culture has been transformed to one that places a strong emphasis on safety.

Achieving that result for our commercial clients is why the team at Prestige does what it does.


Our company is driven by honesty and integrity at every stage of the process – from helping you select the right mat to delivering it to our clients.

Everything we do is focused on providing unmatched customer service – and developing strong relationships with each and everyone one of our clients is key to achieving that.

We serve the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond through providing a range of different types of rental mats businesses can rent from us.

Whether you need:

Prestige Rental Mats have everything you need covered. We not only will we supply your mats, but we’ll pick them up and clean them on a regular basis for you.


Our mats will trap dirt, dust and moisture at the door well before it has the chance to be tracked inside and circulated via the continual shuffling of feet.

These measures will dramatically reduce:

  • your cleaning costs – and
  • the labour time spent on sweeping, cleaning and maintaining surrounding areas.


No upfront fees

We don’t force our customers to sign up to expensive, long-term fixed contracts.[1]

All of our clients have the freedom to increase and decrease their mat usage as they please.

You’ll always have control over how many mats you use.

All the while – we never sacrifice quality.

We use state-of-the-art industrial cleaning processes to keep your mats clean.


Let’s start your journey to become the envy of safety across your industry.


[1] Please note: a two-year contract is required if renting a customised mat, such as a logo-embedded mat

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