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11 Tips to Control Dust in the Workplace

Dust is a common and often overlooked workplace hazard. It can cause significant problems for your staff, customers, patrons and anybody else who attends your work site.

Some of the issues dust can cause includes respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin irritation, among other health issues. Dust is also a fire hazard, as it can ignite and cause explosions.

Controlling dust in the workplace is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Below, we will discuss what exactly causes dust at work, and discuss 11 tips to prevent and stop it from becoming a problem.

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace: Guide for Business Owners

Fatigue is a pressing and serious problem in many workplaces, especially in industries where employees work long hours or perform physically demanding tasks. Fatigue, exhaustion and burnout can have a significant impact on an employee’s productivity, safety, and overall wellbeing. If it isn’t properly managed, the risk of a serious incident occurring at your workplace increases considerably, which could then lead to investigation and possible prosecution by work health and safety regulators.

Therefore, it is essential for your business and your team to take steps to implement robust fatigue management strategies across all areas of the workplace.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Workplace: A Guide for Business

dust control corridor

Static electricity is a common problem in many workplaces, potentially causing anything from slight discomfort to injury or death. It can be caused by dry air, friction between surfaces, or even the materials used in clothes or furniture.

If you run a business, this type of electricity can affect the performance of electronic equipment, causing data loss or equipment damage. It can also lead your staff members to experience nasty electric shocks.